Massage Therapy

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Let’s bust up your view of this immediately, massage therapy at Carmel Wellness isn’t a spa experience. While we enjoy a nice relaxing “Swedish massage” along with the rest of you, we demand that all of our therapies are just that, therapeutic in nature and helpful to overall health. Massage therapy focuses on your soft tissues, like muscles and ligaments. When muscles and ligaments are pulled, strained, tight or otherwise inflamed, they can cause strain on surrounding joints and bones. This strain along with the muscle ailment can cause pain, sometimes significant. If you are in back pain, neck pain, joint pain, etc., there is almost certainly a muscle/ligament involvement as well as a joint/bone involvement. That is why massage therapy is the perfect companion to chiropractic care and why we have it available in our office.

Our massage therapy team has over 30 years’ experience providing massage therapy at the highest levels. Our team focuses on your primary issues, relieving the muscle/ligament issues so that your chiropractic adjustments can and will hold longer and relieve your pain sooner. Call today if you haven’t utilized our massage services yet, it may be the key to relieving your pain.

Soft Tissue Repair & Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the ideal complement to chiropractic care. More than just a temporary ‘feel good’ approach, massage therapy offers long term benefits such as reducing inflammation and opening up pathways that allow for proper signals to travel through vital nerve endings. It also increases blood flow that improves circulation, relieves sciatica and muscle spasms and helps you recover your full range of motion.
Our team of professional massage therapists provide the best in soft tissue repair and recovery. Our therapeutic massages and manual therapies include:

Deep Tissue
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain
  • Good for chronic and overuse injuries
  • Loosens scar tissue and lengthens muscles
Trigger Point Therapy
  • Application of pressure to a tender muscle in order to relieve pain
  • Also known as "myofascial release"
  • Helps improve blood flow and promotes healing naturally
Sports Massage
  • Designed to speed recovery, manage pain and promote healing
  • Improves flexibility through specialized stretching
  • A variety of techniques are utilized to achieve desired performance
Prenatal Massage
  • Reduces fatigue, anxiety and depression
  • Relieves muscle aches and joint pain
  • Improves labor outcomes
Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization
  • Brakes up scar tissue and improves movement
  • Speeds up recovery after injury or surgery
All massage and manual therapies are customized to each person to obtain maximum benefit.

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