Functional Nutrition

The nutrients you get have a big effect on your health, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right ones. Here’s how Dr. David Coberly and Dr. Urvi P. Vyas at Carmel Wellness in Indiana can help you improve your health and wellness with functional nutrition.


What Is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition may sound a little bit complex, but it’s actually a fairly simple concept. Instead of focusing on the disease and the popular medications for treating it, functional nutrition focuses on using food as a way to treat nutritional deficiencies that can cause problems in the body. For example, certain nutritional deficiencies can cause you to feel tired or lead to problems with your stomach.

No matter what kind of treatment you’re currently trying, functional nutrition is a good way to supplement it because it only involves changing your diet. By making sure you’re getting the right nutrients from your food, you can treat your problems better than you would normally be able to.

What Can Functional Nutrition Help with?

There are a lot of different reasons you might want to use functional nutrition as a means of treatment. Aside from helping to improve your general health, you can use functional nutrition to boost immune system health and help treat several different conditions. Some of the things functional nutrition can help with include:

– Improving gut health for better digestion
– Treating nutrient deficiencies
– Improving your diet using lab results and genetics
– Treating diseases such as IBS and chronic headaches

If you feel tired every day or have trouble properly digesting your food, changing the way you eat can help. Our chiropractor at Carmel Wellness can help you figure out how to use functional nutrition to heal your body and live a healthier life.

Benefits of Functional Nutrition

There are numerous treatment options for most conditions, but functional nutrition is one of the best choices for several reasons. First, you don’t have to rely on any medications that could cause harm to your body with side effects. On top of that, improving your diet through functional nutrition can improve your health across the board. You also don’t have to make any drastic changes that uproot your life since functional nutrition simply involves making dietary changes to live a healthier life.

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