Corporate Wellness

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Improve employee productivity and morale while delivering bottom-line impact.

Wellness Education

Inspire your team with an engaging and informative lunch ‘n Learn hosted by Carmel Wellness. Our team of healthcare professionals speak on a variety of topics that include: Stress Management, Weight-Loss bio-hacks, Natural Immune System Boosters, and Deskercise.

Employee Chair Massage Event

Relax your team and boost morale with an on-site chair massage event. Subject to availability, we will bring our team of certified massage therapists to de-stress your team and show them you care. Call to inquire about program availably and logistics.

Weight-Loss & Detox Programs

Get real results you can measure “literally” with a weight-loss or detox challenge lead by Carmel Wellness. Our team will provide the product, supervision, testing, and education to engage your employees in a group challenge though individualized programs designed to deliver lasting results.

Health Screenings

Provide your team with the bio-intelligence and coaching they need to make smart healthcare decisions. Our office offers on-site stress testing (utilizing US Space Foundation certified equipment), BMI testing, and ergonomic work station review.

For more information or to schedule your next wellness event: Call (317) 587-1900 or email [email protected]

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