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Life has its ups and downs that can take its toll on the healthiest of bodies. Pain can come from many situations, including car accidents, slips on stairs even sleeping in an awkward position. At Carmel Wellness Center in Carmel, Indiana, we specialize in whole-body care for the entire family that relieves pain without potentially addictive medicines. Our chiropractors can help you manage knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and migraine pain.

Back Pain

Back pain is probably the most common complaint we hear from the people who walk through our door. Pain in the back is incredibly common, but determining the source of the pain is not always easy. The spine and the nerves that travel through it are complex and easily damaged, which is why it is so important to ensure that they are in alignment. Through chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression and massage, we can improve your alignment and often alleviate your pain.

Neck Pain

Much like back pain, neck pain can result from both serious injuries and injuries that are not nearly as obvious. Through spinal manipulation, massage and other techniques, we can realign your neck and create the ideal circumstances for healing and pain relief.


Sciatica is nerve pain that starts in the lower back and travels down one or both legs. Chiropractic care can provide significant relief from sciatica. The pain from sciatica is caused by compression of nerves in most cases, which chiropractic adjustments and other chiropractic care can alleviate.


Even minor auto accidents can cause intense trauma to your body, jolting your spinal cord, compressing nerves, damaging joints and leading to severe pain, stiffness and general loss of mobility. The treatments we offer are ideal for recovering from auto accidents. From whiplash to major injuries, we can encourage healing, improve mobility and relieve pain.

Auto Accident Trauma

It’s not possible to completely avoid toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, and even harmful metabolic byproducts like free radicals. But it is possible to support your body’s ability to rid itself of these toxins and therefore reduce the risk of weight gain and chronic disease. Let our customized detoxification and weight loss programs help you move toward your physical and mental potential with less “junk” holding you back.

Sports Injuries

Occasional injury is a part of an active lifestyle, one that most adults participating in sports and intense physical activity accept. Sometimes things go wrong, and all you can do is attempt to recover as fast and as thoroughly as possible so you can get back out there. Our treatments can aid in your recovery. We can help relieve pain, improve range of motion and encourage healing.

General Health Concerns

Sometimes the problems you experience with your health seem to have nothing to do with an injury. You may just be tired, weak, uncomfortable and wondering if there is any way you can do better. Through wellness treatments, nutrition counseling, and other treatments, we can help you improve your energy levels, regain your health and get more out of your life.

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